Healthy Morning Drinks

I cherish early mornings. But I don’t think I would feel the same without hydrating properly. Having a glass of healthy liquids first thing in the morning instantly freshens me up (that doesn’t mean hydration is any less important throughout the day, but I feel like starting the day right sets the positive tone for the rest of it). And it has a plethora of healthy effects on my being throughout the day. Drinking plenty of healthy liquids helps me think clearer, perform better and avoid headaches.

I’m not a coffee drinker because it brings my heart to race and then leaves me more tired than I was prior to drinking it, but even if I were, I would still pair with any of the following.

1. Barley coffee

It consists of barley and chicory which both contain natural antioxidants. They are both great coffee substitutes without the caffeine. Drinking barley coffee will keep your teeth healthy as both ingredients prevent cavities. Barley coffee moreover balances blood sugar levels and is therefore recommended for those who suffer from diabetes. It clears toxins from both the liver and the spleen. It also removes mucus from the body and also clears blood.

As the taste is so strong and distinguishing, I rarely feel the need to sweeten it. It is moreover a good thirst quencher, unlike real coffee.

2. Green or black tea

They both contain antioxidants. Those increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. Which then makes your muscles endure all their strength longer. It also helps process sugars in your body and has shown a positive correlation to the BMI. It increases bone mineral density and strength as well. Similarly, it helps fight free radicals and in effect, protects our DNA from damage. On a similar note, It also works against ultraviolet rays to a small extent. Despite containing caffeine, they are both hydrating. It is known to give you a calm awareness, keeping you serene and focused for longer periods of time.

3. Rooibos tea

Drinking rooibos tea has many positive effects. It is known to prevent and cure headaches, insomnia as it reduces blood pressure levels, easing asthma, some allergies, and severe stomach cramps. The tea itself is rich in mineral contents like iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, and magnesium. It contains polyphenols which are organic chemicals with strong antioxidant capacities. It also helps balance blood sugar levels and is therefore recommended for those who suffer from diabetes. Its properties are beneficial for keeping your skin look fresh, reducing wrinkles and even curing sunburns. It is even good for curing colic with infants which you can do by mixing it with some mother’s milk.

It has a specific taste and it’s completely caffeine-free. I like mine in a place of a sweet treat to avoid emotional treats such as chocolate. It fills me up and because of its sweetness, curbs my desire to reach for other sweets. I make it with vanilla, a tablespoon of coconut sugar and splash of oat milk.

4. Turmeric milk

It might not be among the most mouth-watering choices, but it is easy to make when you’re feeling really tired.

Bring some plant-based milk almost to boil, add a pinch of turmeric, as well as cayenne pepper and coconut oil to boost the nutritional values of turmeric and drink as an energy-booster or cold-preventer, and some cinnamon for stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Stir them all well together and enjoy.

5. Fruit infused water

Or any other kind of fruit or spice-infused water (mint, basil, …). As plain water can taste a little bland but your body still needs plenty of it to hydrate properly. It mildly helps you improve your metabolism. There is no exact measurement of how much you should drink, but have a water bottle always near by and drink when you feel you need to, and stop when you have enough. Also, higher temperatures and more physical activity require more hydration. Just listen to yourself. Your body knows best.

I have been practicing a combination of these for a few years now as they freshen me up the first thing in the morning and translate that fresh feeling to the rest of the day. A little nurturing of your body goes a long way as it in return keeps your brain alert, makes you achieve better results and avoids unnecessary aches. I know it helps me and I hope it does the same for you, too.

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