Quick Energy Boosting Yoga Inspired Poses

I oftentimes hit the wall when working, especially when nearing deadlines. Without generalizing, I think we all might. It is a combination of stress with the clock inevitable nearing its buzz, probably lack of sleep, possibly some poor food choices and a little dehydration.

On the other hand, when getting into the zone, I oftentimes need to stop and remind myself that it is the time to eat or drink because I also don’t want to lose that string of thought that flows so seamlessly. But eating healthy snacks and drinking plenty of hydrating fluids will make me think clearer. It is a vicious circle.

I also love being active. Sitting behind the computer screen might be my moneymaker, but it definitely does not sit well with my jitterbug residing in me.

So when I am in desperate need to move, I usually do a few simple moves that don’t interfere with the flow of my work.

The first one is a simple twist where I bring my shoulders back and down, elongating my neck and possibly performing a couple of head rolls to get the kinks out. I sit cross-legged either on the floor or on the chair, bring the opposite hand to the opposite knee, extend the other arm straight back and gaze across the fingertips.

You will often hear the yogic teacher say something along the lines of twists being beneficial for releasing toxins. What that means is that deep yogic breathing in combination with the movement assists your organs in the detoxification process and improves liver and lymphatic system functions. The majority of work is done by you and the choices you make outside the gym, the yoga studio or the park where your exercise takes place. Processed foods are packed with preservatives and added sugars, while personal care products are often based on chemicals. Those are all sources of elements that slow down your function and accumulate all the prior mention toxins.

There are numerous variations to the twisting motion, starting it from either a chair or crescent pose. One of my absolute favorites is sitting on the ground, crossing one leg over the other, bringing the opposite elbow on the outside of the crossed leg and gazing back.

For the times when you really start to doze off, a downward-facing dog or even a child’s pose from yoga is a great way to get your blood circulating.

With a little more time on your hands and confidence (obviously), you could go into a handstand or indulge into an aerial practice which by low-impact inversions rehydrate and elongate your spine. In this case, just make sure with your trainer or health provider that any of your health conditions don’t coincide with performing inversions.

Standing up and moving makes me look at tasks at hand from a different perspective. It brings fresh blood to my brain. It distances me from the task a little and releases some tension from whatever part of the body it derives. As abstract as it sounds, it also lets go of thoughts that have been preventing me from completing the task thoroughly.

How do you stay in the zone working or beat the writer’s block? Also, what are your go-to poses if you only have a fraction of the time to stretch? Maybe your experience will help some of our readers, so we’d be happy to see you share your thoughts with us.

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