Yoga Apparel: What Should I Wear?

Many of the choices we make are based on subconscious signals that we interpret from the world around us. Although we like to think we have control over most outside influences, the reality is that there are so many details that go unnoticed.

One of these hidden influences is color. Do you opt for a particular color in your practice but you are not sure why? Read on to see what emotions and ideas each color suggests. Learn what message your yoga apparel is sending to the outside world and how to adapt your outfit to your mood.

  • Green – Often associated with nature, green can represent growth, development, security, and comfort. This color also suggests movement and new beginnings, and, therefore, can also suggest optimism. Wearing the color green can bring a sense of harmony to your spirit and practice.
  • Red – Bold, loud, passionate and intense, red is considered a fiery color that fuels emotion. Movement, power, competition, and conflict are also associated with the color red. Signs indicating danger are often red, so the color often promotes alertness and stimulation. Wearing the color red can attract attention and boost confidence.
  • Purple – Often associated with royalty, purple suggests luxury, power, and longevity. Because it is not very common in the natural world, purple can also symbolize mystery and creativity.
  • Blue – Depth and clarity are often associated with this color because of its presence in nature, such as the sky, oceans and rivers. Power can also be associated with the color blue, but more often in a commanding, protective sense rather than a confrontational, threatening sense. Blue is also associated with intelligence and sincerity. Wearing blue can project to others that they can confide in you.
  • Yellow – Reminiscent of childhood, the color yellow conjures feelings of happiness, lightheartedness, and playfulness. It also evokes positivity and stimulating energy, making it a motivational color. Because yellow is such a striking color and can cause agitation when overused, try to use it conservatively in your outfit.

  • Orange – Orange suggests joy, energy, and warmth. It can also provoke creativity and motivation. The color orange can also symbolize good health, youth, and strength.
  • White – Lightness, purity, health, and cleanliness are all associated with the color white. In addition, the afterlife, faith, and infinity are commonly associated with the color.
  • Black – While sometimes associated with death, evil and mourning, the color black also suggests power, prestige, sophistication, and style. Therefore, it can also suggest sharpness and precision.

While colors can send certain messages to the others, you can also use colors to encourage your own emotions.

  • Need a boost of confidence? Red
  • Yearning for serenity? Green
  • Feeling down? Yellow
  • Aiming for precision within your practice? Black
  • Trying to establish the trust to build friendships with others around you? Blue
  • Feeling lazy or out of shape? White

By donning hues that emit certain emotions you are striving for, you can effectively use colors to set meaningful intentions for your practice and your day.

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