Yoga With Crystals

Yoga and crystals are a perfect marriage for healing and energy work. Use your intuition in picking a crystal to work with. Some issues include health, spiritual, healing, protection, stabilizing, creativity, and guidance. 

In yoga, there are seven chakras with designated wheels of energy or colors. It also relates to crystals because the color of the crystal is associated with the same chakra meanings. So, a green crystal-like aventurine stimulates feelings of love while the heart chakra is known to be the color green in yoga. The color connects yoga energy chakras with crystals. It is pretty amazing!

Choosing A Crystal

Choose a crystal based on your intention for that practice. Here are some more crystal ideas:

  • Intention: Self-Love 

For self-love, you can use a Rose Quartz crystal. It helps you to develop a kinder relationship with yourself. 

  • Relaxation: 

Choose a soothing purple amethyst crystal matched with some nice and restorative yin yoga poses. The Amethyst has a slower frequency that allows us to calm down and relax. 

  • Productivity And Career

Pyrite Crystal stimulates wealth and abundance, while the Flourite Crystal clears away negative energy, weakening your energy storages and your energy field. 

  • Spiritual Connection

Use Clear Quartz with your yoga practice. Kundalini Yoga is a great match, a spiritual intention. 

  • Clarity And Mental Focus

Flourite Crystal helps clear out accumulated energies and then sharpens the intellect! Flourite has negative transmutation, meaning that it neutralizes negative energy.

How To Do Yoga With Crystals

1. Place the crystal on the side of the mat. 

You can rest the crystal on a plate, book, piece of wood, or a cloth. Place your crystal either to the front of the mat or the side of the mat. Crystals work by synchronizing your energy to their frequency level, the closer to you, the better. Be careful when performing any poses so you can maintain balance and keep you and your crystals safe. 

2. Wear crystal bracelets while doing yoga.

You can also, instead of the sitting beside a crystal, wear it. Crystal mala bracelets are a great option because mala bracelets can be used for meditation, chanting of a mantra. The crystal will amplify the effects of your mantra, and you will be able to get the benefits of the crystal as you move through the yoga poses.

3. You can also sit with or place the crystal somewhere on your body

In lotus or easy pose, hold a tumbled crystal, palm stone, or piece of raw crystal, to aid in healing, as you close your eyes and imagine the light and energy from the crystal pour into you. While you are holding a crystal, note what thoughts and emotions arise. See if your thoughts change after a couple of minutes of holding that crystal. Stay anywhere a few minutes to 20 minutes. Laying down in corpse pose, you can place the crystal on the corresponding chakra as long as you stay in corpse pose – usually 5-10 minutes. 

4. Make an intention to use the crystal for the higher good. 

Crystals work surprisingly well with your intentions, so it is important to dedicate your intention to align with helping the greater good of everyone. We don’t want to fall into the trap of using the crystal for selfish and harmful reasons. 

5. Use the crystal as a focal point. 

Place the crystal at the front of your mat, to have a focal point to look at, in each pose. In yoga, we call this focal point a ‘Drishti.’ This point calms our mind and body and brings us into healing and centered place to experience union with our spirit and achieve higher consciousness.

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